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Principal’s message

Dr Amorjit Saikia,M.A.,Ph.D Principal,Bir Raghab Moran Government Model College, Doomdooma

Greetings from the Principal, Bir Raghab Moran Government Model College, Doomdooma, a novel educational institution of higher education under the initiative of Government of Assam, affiliated to Dibrugarh University.

Bir Raghab Moran Government Model College, Doomdooma, in essence, is an accomplishment of the government’s vision of enhancing quality, accessibility and equity in the higher education scenario of Assam. Tinsukia, falling within the parameters of an educationally underperforming district of the state of Assam, urgently was in need of an additional higher education institution cater to the educational needs of the local student population. Our college is a very timely and necessary step in this direction.
The true purpose and rationale of this newly established college can be understood better through the region’s socio-cultural and educational background story. Doomdooma boasts of a culturally rich and diverse social fabric and a prolific scene of industrial and entrepreneurial activities; but at the same time the region also suffers from the perennial issues of socio-economic backwardness and most importantly, the dearth of higher education opportunities for eligible and aspiring students. Under the circumstances, the establishment of our college has been nothing short of a blessing for the local student population and the society, in general.

The first academic session(2020-21) of the college formally commenced from 21st December,2020 and now here we are, at the brink of the second batch of admissions. The journey so far, although brief has been indeed fruitful. Come what may, our staff along with students have been very resilient. More than half of the time period of our maiden academic session had to be run from our homes due to the Covid-induced lockdown. We have not shied away from our duties. Our teachers have provided regular, interactive virtual classes to students and even managed quite successfully, the conduction of extra-curricular activities (contests, celebration of events, webinars etc). We had encountered a healthy admission rate and student turnout in the first ever round of admissions and with great confidence, we expect an equally exuberant student response in the second round of admissions in the coming session (2021-22). Within a short span of time, we have discovered diverse talents and skillsets among our students and their enthusiasm and willingness towards learning and education remains unmatched.

While education is our primary focus, given the underprivileged socio-economic position of the families that our students mostly belong to, we shall also strive to provide them an enabling environment for their positive transformation into social capital such that, they can live free from economic insecurity and function as productive members of the society. Therefore, along with academic training, we try to motivate our students into professional endeavours and serve them with a comfortable platform where they can explore their talents in their respective fields of interest. To this end, our agenda for the near future incorporates collaborative engagements with government/non- government organizations, industries surrounding the theme of vocational empowerment of students.

Widely known as the tea city, Doomdooma prides itself on a sprawling tea industry and an aesthetic atmosphere of tea plantation to an extent that the occupational mainstay of the local population is majorly within this sector. The youth here, in this sense, is deemed rather naturally inclined towards the tea sector. We perceive this as an untapped reserve of entrepreneurial potential. Bearing this in mind, we aspire to provide a facilitative platform aiming at inculcating the right scientific and technical knowhow and skill-based training to the youth. Futuristically, such a step would be conducive for the students to gainfully and effectively engage in the niche tea market of the region. The vision is to professionally sculpt them in a manner so that, they can uplift the indigenous tea sector to the heights of international market efficiency and competition. From a broader perspective, our institution’s vision also incorporates the promotion of a participatory model of all round educational and social development of the region, involving stakeholders from all quarters with the intention of eventually, infusing a scientific temperament in and widening the mindsets and worldviews of the youth and by extension, the society as a whole. As the founding head of this new institution, I bear a profound sense of obligation towards the youth and the society of this region. The entire Bir Raghab Moran Government Model College family, as a matter of fact, collectively shares the dream of transforming the region to a blossoming educational hub and resolve to spare no effort to ensure the youth here, a brighter future not only in terms of education but also, in terms of socio-economic empowerment and self-sufficiency.