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Department of Sociology

Sociology Department

The Department of Sociology had started its maiden journey from December, 2020. The Department currently offers three courses of study:
The Department aims to prepare its students to become concerned members of the society with a critical outlook towards the social problems. The Undergraduate programme emphasizes on building comprehensive idea of the historical developments of sociology; nature, changes and diversified aspects of social issue pertaining to the Indian society and the theoretical arguments that specialize this discipline with methodical and scientific orientation.

The students in the Department are aimed to train in such a manner that they could inculcate analytical skills to look at their socio-political, economic, religious and cultural surroundings with multiple vantage points so that they can go deeper into the issues without relying on its surface realities. Keeping this in mind, along with conventional lectures, teachers engage their students in assignments, presentations, group discussions and field based project works with a view to enhance their both academic and empirical understanding of the societal problems.
It is a pleasure to share that within this short span of time, many students of the Department have shown their potentials not only in academic performance but also in artistic and creative works, sports and social awareness drives. Accordingly the student enrolment rate in the Department is also more than it was expected despite this subject was not available before in its nearby college. The dynamic team of faculty members with diverse areas of research interests and teaching experiences makes this Department academically a vibrant one in the college.

Departmental Activities

Given the college’s recent origin, the department is yet to organize a good number of events and initiatives under its banner. The following activities are done till date.

  • The Department of Sociology right from its inception has been trying to contribute towards all round development of the students. Therefore, along with maintaining the classroom schedule, it has taken multiple steps for the cognitive growth of the students. As a part of this initiative, the department first organized “Classroom- Lecture Series” for developing the communication skill of students. This series started during the covid-lockdown situation when online classroom was the only means of being in touch with the students. It continued from second to third semester (2021), while the plan is continue this series for all semesters. In this process, the students took various topics related to the socio-economic condition of the society, the historical characters, communities and the important events and organizations of Assam as well as topics relevant to the places where they belong. The purpose of this initiative is to keep the students aware of their surroundings with historical, critical and current database.
  • The next important activity performed by the Department was to publish ‘Deuka’ - the first hand-written magazine of the Department of Sociology as well as the College. This was a joint venture by the Department faculty members and the students where the faculties coordinated the process of initiating, making and publishing it in the form of a quality magazine. It encompasses all the topics delivered in the classroom lecture series along with other creative and thought-provoking articles, poems, short stories and paintings prepared by the students. The magazine was launched on March 9, 2022 in an event organized by the Department.
  • The Department recently organized a talk on “Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Past, Present and Future” in presence of the chief speaker Dr. Pranjit Saikia, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Doomdooma College on March 29 2022. The central aim of this talk was to make the students of the college aware of the current war situation which has terrified the entire world with its global socio-political and economic impact.

Apart from these, the Department is planning to work on a research book in the coming days
of the year along with student oriented other research based academic work. The students of
the Department have bagged many accolades in various events inside and outside the college.

Curriculum and Syllabus:

The Department currently offers three courses of study:

  • Under the B.A. Honours Programme,Sociology (Honours) Sociology (Generic Elective)
  • Under the B.A. Non-honours Programme
  • B.A in Sociology (Non-honours)

The following courses and Syllabuses are followed by the Department as per the Dibrugarh University Guidelines-

Under the B.A. Honours Programme Sociology (Honours)

S. No                              Name of the Course
                                              Core Courses
C01                                    Introduction to Sociology I
C02                                    Sociology of India I
C03                                    Introduction to Sociology II
C04                                    Sociology of India II
C05                                    Political Sociology
C06                                    Sociology of Religion
C07                                     Sociology of Gender
C08                                     Economic Sociology
C09                                     Sociology of Kinship
C10                                     Social Stratification
C 11                                     Sociological Thinkers I
C12                                     Sociological Research Methods I
C13                                     Sociological Thinkers II
C14                                     Sociological Research Methods II

Discipline Specific Electives(DSE)

DSE 01                                   Urban Sociology
DSE 02                                   Agrarian Sociology
DSE 03                                   Environmental Sociology

DSE 04                                   Sociology of Work
DSE 05                                   Sociology of Health and Medicine
DSE 06                                   Indian Sociological Traditions
DSE 07                                   Visual Culture
DSE 08                                   Reading Ethnographies
DSE 09                                   Societies in North East India

Generic Electives (GE)

GE 01                                   Indian Society: Images and Realities
GE 02                                   Family and Intimacy
GE 03                                   Rethinking Development
GE 04                                   Gender and Violence
GE 05                                   Sociology of Social Movements
GE 06                                   Sociology of Education
GE 07                                   Sociology of Media
GE 08                                   Population and Society

 Skill Enhancement Courses
SEC 01                                   Reading, Writing and Reasoning for Sociology

SEC 02                                   Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making

The link for the syllabus is -

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